Surrey, United Kingdom Oct 17, 2023 ( - Leading technology and lifestyle journal, Geeky News, is pleased to announce its latest article. The piece reveals the collaboration between Belgium-based weaving machine manufacturer, Picanol, and the innovative Process Automation Solutions company, Inimco. The result of this partnership is PicConnect, an extraordinary cloud platform that is set to revolutionise the textile production industry.

PicConnect was born from a strategic union between Picanol and Inimco. It leverages Inimco's cutting-edge PA Facts industrial IoT accelerator technology. Picanol has created a new platform that serves as the gateway to its digital services. This platform is a big step towards making textile production more efficient and valuable. Process Automation has written a case study about it, which is the main source of this story.

This venture aims to use machine data insights to improve output, product quality, and energy efficiency in textile industries. Picanol's commitment extends beyond its internal research and development; it aims to democratise data-driven machine insights and make them readily accessible to its clients. Thus, PicConnect has been meticulously crafted as a seamless portal, uniting Picanol and its customers in a digital ecosystem.

The platform centralises an array of digital tools, features, and services, ranging from spare parts catalogues to real-time alerts. With PicConnect at their fingertips, customers gain access to a comprehensive support system. They also get a deep understanding of Picanol's weaving machines.

Picanol prioritises helping customers improve efficiency, monitor energy use, and maintain fabric quality. These are critical elements in advanced textile production. This approach aligns with that focus.

PicConnect's remarkable scalability and flexibility shine through as it effortlessly accommodates additional machines in just a few clicks. According to the case study, Inimco's PA Facts-based platform serves as a unified point of contact. It allows Picanol customers to streamline their attention towards core business priorities.

The alliance between Picanol and Inimco pushes them to the forefront of digital transformation, paving the way for a revolution in the industry. The case study foresees that PicConnect will redefine the fabric production landscape. The product provides customers with tools and data-driven insights to improve loom performance and promote sustainability in textile production.

Picanol is headquartered in Ypres, Belgium. It boasts a global presence with over 2,600 weaving mills across the world currently relying on Picanol machines, totalling more than 175,000 operating units. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing, and selling weaving machines powered by air-jet or rapier technology. Its services encompass weaving machine deployment, commissioning, troubleshooting, after-sales support, and training.

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Inimco, a leading Process Automation Solutions company, is renowned for its innovative PA Facts platform. It specialises in empowering OEMs, machine builders, and manufacturing companies with actionable insights into machine and productivity data, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency. Leveraging IoT solutions built on Microsoft technology, Inimco delivers data-driven services that drive progress.

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