Surrey, United Kingdom Aug 22, 2023 ( - Britton Management Profile (BMP), a renowned leader in background screening and employee verification solutions, has joined forces with Yoti, a global pioneer in digital identity verification, to revolutionise the landscape of pre-employment identity checks. This strategic partnership is set to reshape the HR and pre-employment screening sector by combining BMP's extensive experience with Yoti's cutting-edge digital identity technology.

In an era where remote work and hiring processes have become commonplace, efficient, secure, and accurate identity verification has taken on paramount importance. Identity checks are the initial defence in the hiring process, safeguarding organisational security and reducing the risk of fraudulent applications. Additionally, these checks play a pivotal role in adhering to strict employment eligibility regulations, ensuring legal compliance, and mitigating potential penalties.

The collaboration between BMP and Yoti is poised to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift toward remote verification methods. The partnership is anticipated to elevate identity verification by streamlining and enhancing the pre-employment screening process. With Yoti's tamper-proof digital identity verification technology seamlessly integrated into BMP's screening process, the checking process will be expedited. Resultantly, businesses would be able to make quicker and more informed hiring decisions. Job candidates will experience a user-friendly and efficient onboarding process, contributing to improved applicant satisfaction.

Candidates will navigate an online system where they can submit their identity documents and selfies for verification. Yoti's state-of-the-art technology rigorously verifies the authenticity of the identity record and cross-references the submitted selfie with the photo on it to ensure a match.

Marty Britton, President, and CEO at BMP, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "As the ambassador to the background screening industry, the team at Britton Management Profiles is delighted to partner with Yoti for our Identity Verification checks. For close to 50 years we have ensured our clients know who they are hiring. This new service offering will continue to guarantee our clients make great hires."

John Abbott, Chief Commercial Officer at Yoti, emphasised the benefits of digital identity verification for candidates and employers alike: "We're pleased to be working with Britton Management to improve, streamline, and strengthen the way pre-employment checks are carried out. Digital identity checks offer benefits to candidates and employers. They are quicker, more convenient, and support remote working practices which have become the norm for many. With less paperwork, stronger security, and a better recruitment experience, the benefits of digital identity verification are clear."

The BMP-Yoti partnership signals a significant advancement in the pre-employment screening industry, marking a pivotal moment in enhancing identity verification processes for the modern workforce.

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