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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sep 5, 2023 ( - DIHAD Foundation Promotes Charitable Endeavors in the UAE and around the Globe

DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation actively engages in the commemoration of the International Day of Charity, an annual event observed on the 5th of September. This presents an occasion to emphasize the significance of philanthropy and charity work and its function in fostering community development and advancing universal human values and principles.

This day is regarded as an occasion that reflects DIHAD Foundation's commitment to promoting the values of social responsibility and volunteerism. It conveys an important message in the service of society. It ensures the continuation of the approach established by the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the United Arab Emirates, who consistently supported and encouraged charitable and humanitarian endeavors, significantly contributing to its integral part of national identity.

The International Day of Charity stands out in the context of the Sustainability Year as an occasion highlighting the United Arab Emirates' humanitarian direction and its ongoing commitment to advancing progress and well-being for all, in line with its vision and mission of achieving sustainable development and social progress. The UAE has frequently underlined the importance of charity as a humanitarian ideal derived from all types of kindness. Under the banner of true Emirati identity, the UAE is at the forefront of countries that have strived to build the notion of philanthropy and make it a fundamental element of their culture and social conduct.

The UAE has significantly contributed to humanitarian action, resulting in numerous accomplishments. Over the years, the UAE has consistently ranked as one of the top 10 largest donors. In 2018, the number of donations by the UAE surpassed the United Nations' Official Development Assistance (ODA) objective of 0.7 percent for the sixth consecutive year, with the UAE's contribution reaching 0.93 percent of its ODA to Gross National Income (GNI) ratio.

Non-governmental and charitable organizations are crucial in facilitating effective humanitarian efforts in the UAE by organizing donation campaigns and implementing various humanitarian projects. These endeavors exemplify the commitment of the UAE's wise leadership to assist individuals in need worldwide.

On this occasion, H.E. Amb. Dr. Abdulsalam Al Madani, Chairman of DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation and Roving Ambassador for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean for the GCC stated: "DIHAD's mission is to facilitate and accelerate the transfer of relief assistance to individuals in need, as we place strong emphasize on effective access to assistance for those in greatest need."

He added: "The significance of DIHAD in Dubai lies in its ability to facilitate collaboration and coordination among professionals engaged in humanitarian assistance, relief efforts, and volunteer work, focusing on providing relief and humanitarian assistance to the world in response to various human conditions. Despite the significant achievements made in this area, we still need to work harder, as more than 360 million people around the world need protection and humanitarian support. "

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He highlighted that: The latest studies showed that more than $55 billion is required to address everyones needs; however, only $8.5 billion is available. Moreover, the projected average investment for reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is between $5 to $7 trillion annually until 2030. Unless we unite and equally increase our efforts across all channels to meet these requirements, it will mark a devastating risk of global humanitarian efforts falling behind, costing us greater turmoil in the years ahead.

DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation is a distinguished charitable organization that plays a prominent role in supporting the community and enhancing humanitarian efforts. The foundation carries a powerful message in promoting sustainable development through diverse initiatives and programs to improve the quality of life in local and regional environments.

One of the most prominent activities and initiatives undertaken by DIHAD Foundation is the organization of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition DIHAD, organized by INDEX Conference and Exhibitions Org. LLC., - a member of INDEX Holding. In 2023, DIHAD witnessed a record attendance that exceeded 12,000 visitors from over 110 countries, and 50 speakers of the world's most elite humanitarian professionals discussed vital topics during six key sessions, in addition to 16 innovative workshops that provided training and examined many important views and solutions in the field of energy and aid.

DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation strongly emphasizes achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in its mission. Its major goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities devastated by natural or social calamities. The foundation works hard to strengthen these communities and increase their resilience and flexibility by focusing on long-term reforms, raising educational and humanitarian standards, and offering support and charity endeavors.

On this momentous international day, DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation aspires to further its role in creating a world that balances awareness and fairness among peoples through its 'DIHAD' projects. This includes assuring equal participation and inclusion regardless of race, religion, gender, or region. The foundation strives to create a sense of solidarity and social cooperation by combining efforts and engaging with local and regional partners, contributing to developing a humane and progressive society.

About DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation:

The DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation is a prominent global non-profit organization with a regional and international presence. Its mission is to address the needs of individuals in countries impacted by crises, disasters, and natural calamities, strongly emphasizing sustainable development and aid provision. The foundation actively manages various charitable, humanitarian, educational, and assistance initiatives.

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