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Salt Lake City, Utah Mar 18, 2024 ( - Salt Lake City, UT - P-Stubbz801, A hip hop artist, is set to release his highly anticipated single "Dear Friend" on April 26th, 2024, The song, which is a deep and emotional masterpiece, delves into the theme of betrayal by a close friend and the feelings of disappointment and hurt that come with it.

The inspiration behind "Dear Friend" came from a personal experience of P-Stubbz801, where he felt betrayed by a friend who chose to cut him off for a new group of people. In the song, he addresses his overprotectiveness towards his friend and how he tried to warn her about the wrong crowd she was getting involved with. The lyrics are raw and honest, as P-Stubbz801 pours his heart out in a letter to his friend, expressing his feelings and trying to make her understand the impact of her actions.


P-Stubbz801's unique style of storytelling through his music has gained him a small loyal fan base, and "Dear Friend" is expected to be another hit among his listeners. The single is a reflection of the artist's growth and maturity, as he navigates through the complexities of relationships and emotions. With a catchy beat and powerful lyrics, "Dear Friend" is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of betrayal, With a mindset similar to the feels of Hopsin.

The release of "Dear Friend" is a significant milestone for P-Stubbz801, who has been making waves in the hip hop scene with his thought-provoking music. The single will be available on all major streaming platforms, and fans can also look forward to a music video release in the near future. P-Stubbz801's message of honesty and vulnerability in "Dear Friend" is a reminder to listeners that it's okay to express their emotions and speak their truth.
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P-stubbz801 is an emerging rap artist hailing from Midvale, Utah. With a passion for storytelling and a resilient spirit, he has overcome obstacles to pursue his dreams in the music industry. Influenced by legends such as 2Pac, Garth Cultivader and contemporary artists like Reverie, P-stubbz801's music resonates with authenticity and raw emotion. His latest endeavors include working on his debut record, the "West Koast Influence LP, Connect with P-stubbz801 on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Tiktok to stay updated on his latest releases and performances.



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