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Graham, Washington Apr 8, 2024 ( - The Pierce County Fair is thrilled to announce the selection of four outstanding individuals to serve as Ambassadors for the upcoming season. These Ambassadors will represent the Pierce County Fair at various events and outings throughout the summer, culminating in the selection of the Royal Ambassador during the Pierce County Fair in August.

The 2024 Ambassadors are as follows:

Clara Chappell: Clara, a junior participating in the Running Start program at Pierce College, has been chosen as an Ambassador. She is pursuing an associate degree in communications and intends to keep her options open after completing a 2-year service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Einin Kresta: Einin, an eighth-grader at Elk Plain School of Choice, will be attending the Cambridge program at Bethel High School. Her career aspirations revolve around the arts, aiming for a formal job in the field while also selling her artwork. At the Pierce County Fair, Einin will be showcasing her talents in photography, rabbit raising, archery, and art. Her hobbies include playing cello and bass, alongside painting.

Elysia Cozza: Elysia, a sophomore at Elk Plain High School with ambitions in aerospace/aeronautical engineering and the Air Force, has been selected as an Ambassador. She is an active participant in the 4-H Animal Science Division and will be exhibiting her horse at the Pierce County Fair.

Hannah Green: A homeschooled sophomore, Hannah will demonstrate her archery skills and exhibit items in the Food and Nutrition category at the Pierce County Fair. After attending the Running Start program at Pierce College, she plans to pursue a degree in communications and aspirations to work in communications at a library. Her hobbies range from archery and baking to reading, painting, and crafting.

The Pierce County Fair is excited to welcome these four talented individuals as Ambassadors for the 2024 season. Their diverse interests and aspirations reflect the vibrant community spirit of Pierce County. Stay tuned for their appearances and contributions throughout the summer and at the Pierce County Fair in August.

The Pierce County Fair is a cooperative effort of the Pierce County Government and the non-profit Pierce County Fair Association. Many community organizations, including Pierce County Extension, Pomona Grange, Pierce County F.F.A., Hill & Dale District Garden Clubs, and elected at-large members, form a working board of directors who organize and operate the Fair each year.

The Pierce County Fair is held each year at beautiful Frontier Park in Graham, operated by the Pierce County Parks Department. This well-maintained public park allows the display of rural and urban exhibits while avoiding the "asphalt" jungles of other fairs.

The Pierce County Fair is held the second full weekend of August each year and is four days of fun, competition, and excitement.

Most of the exhibit buildings were erected with volunteer labor by many of the attending organizations and projects. These buildings are then turned over to the Pierce County Parks Department for yearly use and maintenance. So, although the Fair is only four days a year, the improvements to the park benefit county residents all year long.

The Pierce County Fair Association is a Washington State non-profit and is a member of the Washington State Fairs Association and the International Association of Fairs and Expositions.

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For media inquiries, please contact: Shelly Bennett, Fair Manager, Pierce County Fair, [email protected]

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