London, United Kingdom Nov 11, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - ZFlash.io is helpful for anyone, but it works exceptionally well for deaf and hard-of-hearing people as it utilizes visual flashlight alert to notify the phone user. 

With the importance of inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals, the app team is continually improving services. The latest addition to our range of features is the Flashlight Alarm. This new feature has been specifically designed to assist individuals who are deaf or have hearing impairments in waking up each morning.

Missing an important call or receiving a crucial text too late can have significant consequences. Whether it's a silenced phone or a noisy environment, ZFlash.io is designed to work with numerous forms of communication from different apps and social media platforms. Whether one is receiving a video call from a friend or an important message on their businesss Facebook page, ZFlash.io will notify them through flash alerts.

The second new feature of ZFlash.io is the ability to run in the background and avoid being stopped by task killers.

Users can now be prompted to put the app on the white list or to disable app battery optimization so the flash alert function can run smoothly for days. This function is very useful for phones with customized Android OS like Xiaomi, Oppo, or Huawei.

The app can also help users locate their phones in the dark by activating the flashlight when they can't hear it ringing, ensuring important calls and notifications are never missed due to misplaced devices.

Furthermore, for individuals who require a discreet notification option, the silent mode option triggers only the flash without any accompanying sound.

flashes can be updated in the app, and one can even utilize a silent mode where just the flash will go off when a call or message comes in.  

With over 10 million downloads, ZFlash.io has been providing reliable visual notifications for incoming calls and messages since 2016. This solution addresses the common issue of missed communication for individuals who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

ZFlashio FlashLight Alerts

Source :3w Studio

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